The Change is an impact driven innovation & consultancy firm.

We focus our efforts on supporting our upstream & downstream customers in the delivery of progress within significant areas of human ingenuity and innovation.

The Change was founded around the famous statement “be the change you want to see in the world”

Whatever your view on the origin of the phrase the impact of the phrase that its up to us all to make an impact and leave a legacy is profound.

The Change played a pivotal role in helping LCC Group reduce their carbon footprint by an impressive 1,060,550 tonnes e CO2.

Our Mission

To enable, empower and make our clients aware of opportunities to access funding to enable their projects to be more impactful less wasteful and overall more effective.

Looking for help to transforming ideas into impactful innovations?

Let’s collaborate to unleash your potential with our expertise in innovation, help you maximise your impact and secure funding for your next project.


We partner with some of the worlds most innovative companies and align the missions of world changing technology with some of the worlds largest businesses. Its our aim to ensure that every business has a choice when it comes to their future goals and directions.


Making an IMPACT whether that’s one based on shaping a businesses targets towards mirroring those of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), creating shareholder value, becoming more efficient. The Change can help.


Our diverse range of funding services is designed to meet our clients’ unique needs to fuel their growth and success. Anything from Fzulg, R&D tax credits or even Grants.


To enable, empower and make our clients aware of opportunities to access funding to enable their projects to be more impactful less wasteful and overall more effective. We develop our client’s innovation strategies along the project lifecycle ensuring companies receive the funding they require with as little hassle and distraction as possible we aim to remove the normal roadblocks involved in funding in doing so unlocking new streams that our clients may not have otherwise accessed.

The change is keen to develop our client’s philosophies towards creating a greener brighter world. Our purpose extends beyond funding, project initiation, development and advice; it’s about fostering a can do proactive attitude about your special projects that might otherwise not receive the attention they deserve from everyday operational staff.


Our two-tiered service is designed to enable all clients to engage effectively with us. The lower tier international tax credit offering is designed for those who believe they know what they want and is accordingly priced at a lower rate to enable our clients to deploy funds.

The upper tier is an international innovation advisory business that provides expert consultancy on international funding pots including grants, tax credits and alternative finance with which to enable projects to push forward in an effective way.


The Change prides itself on looking deeper, and thinking further to ensure the positive impact of the work we do, so that the products and services we deliver add significant value to our customers.

Sometimes we see that our clients don’t see the good that we can see in their work our unique insight on their wider impact and goals are often what the market and the research community need to hear.

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