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The Change Mission

Our Mission is to help you create and deliver a long term, market leading innovation strategy for your company and to deliver it through Innovation Funding, non-dilutive & non-debt funding, such as the Research Allowance.

Our unique offering is that we do not merely report on your existing innovation projects but we support you to identify class leading innovation and intellectual property, and develop the steps required to make your vision become real through an Innovation Strategy.

This unlocks greater tax credits & cash than a passive review of your projects.

We then use that road map to deliver the Innovation Funding required.

Together we create a 5year plan which unlocks up to
€1M per year in preassured funding in R&D tax credits/cash totalling up to €5M.

How can you claim and How much?

For many years other OCED countries supported such Innovation Funding opportunities and Germany has joined them in 2020 with the introduction of the Research Allowance Act:

We have experience across 10x countries applying the Frascati Guidelines (a 450pg manual) which underpin innovation internationally & the Research Allowance in Germany.

We are experts in this field

Our Claims are up to x8 larger than competitors.

We have a higher success rate than competitors.

Zero risk to you. Our work is on a no win, no fee basis.

Be Part Of The Change

For more information email: info@thechange.vc an agent of change will get back to you.