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Our Passion & Values

The Change is at the bleeding edge of innovation.

We are passionate about creating an Innovation Framework for each of our clients that focuses on: WHY a business innovates (e.g. to improve value to your customers, for profit, to increase market share). WHAT type of innovation they engage in (product, process, service innovation etc…). HOW they innovate (e.g. depending on leadership style and capabilities).

Wherever your company is today we can facilitate you reaching the bleeding edge tomorrow. Innovation is subjective, we can bring your innovation plan into focus! Making what you never thought possible; POSSIBLE!

We look at business through new eyes. Bringing unique perspectives and ideas to our business clients. Supplying ideas developed through working as a trusted partner to some of the worlds largest companies. We empassion your talented teams to look further and scale further and faster than ever would have been possible alone. Working with many of the world’s most successful and innovative companies we are here to make a real difference both to the world and to your business.

We believe in TEAMWORK:

We become an extended part of your team. Bringing the latest in process and practice to ensure you remain ahead of the game. Providing an outside voice to ensure you continue to innovate forward.

The Change is a company excited by innovation having a vision for new products and services with an ability to re-imagine things that already exist.


We don’t leave your future to chance.

We start by looking at your future using our unique approach to the strategic planning of innovation. We then engage with your team and support you in pushing forward your plans, supplying funding, expertise and support to ensure your projects happen.

We enable you to control your company’s destiny


-Opening your eyes to opportunities to fund your big ideas you didn’t know were possible.
-Opening your mind to the future and engaging the right people to help you to success
-We enable funding for key future projects such as factory refits, new machinery, and cutting edge research
-We help unlock your team towards improved productivity

Be Part Of The Change

For more information email: info@thechange.vc an agent of change will get back to you.