Unlocking Success for an independent hair treatment provider. Our Unique Approach to Funding Innovation secured them approval for €4,634,809 of R&D.

Our innovation service generates up to 8x as much innovation funding over 5years and longer for our customer base.

Our Success Stories

Maximising your eligible tax benefits: Data Warehousing Firm

€800,000 of qualifying expenditure identified. 4x that identified by the firms accountants.

Paving way for funding: An Interactive Fitness Mirror Company

Secured a multi-year approval of €12 million.

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Our diverse range of funding services is designed to meet our clients’ unique needs to fuel their growth and success.


At The Change, we comprehend the challenges of handling Fzulg, and we’re dedicated to streamlining it for you. Our customized solutions aim to ease the complexities of Fzulg, providing holistic support throughout.

R&D Tax Credits

We acknowledge the significance of innovation in fostering business growth and maintaining competitiveness in today’s dynamic environment. That’s why we’re delighted to provide extensive assistance for R&D tax credits.


From navigating clean energy transitions to realising ambitious projects, we excel in unlocking grant funding opportunities tailored to your needs.

Patent Box

We grasp the significance of intellectual property and the need to optimise its potential. That’s why we provide thorough assistance for Patent Box, allowing you to capitalise fully on your innovative endeavors.

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