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Establishing and maintaining relationships with Academic Partners is a key focus for The Change.

Academic Partnerships strengthen our ability to deliver through on hand experts for projects which are innovative integrating cutting edge research. We have access to a wealth of specialised knowledge and talent.

Our Partnerships offer Academics the opportunity to gain hands-on experience, build relationships with experts across diverse fields, learn about the challenges faced in industry and contribute to impactful projects worldwide.

Our key focus areas are:

Green Solutions (Waste to Energy, Hydrogen Production, Carbon Capture, SAF production.
Industrial Automation
Internet Security
Life Sciences
Software Solutions
Integration of Al/VR
Public Safety

Building strong relationships with Academics requires a commitment to respect, transparency, and shared values.

At The Change, we foster a culture of trust and collaboration to ensure our Partnerships endure and thrive over time.

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At The Change, we are continually working to strengthen our existing partnerships and establish new partnerships.

If you are interested in becoming a partner with The Change, please contact us here.

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