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The Considering entering or creating a new
market for your business.

Through our incubation service The Change bring the people, the expertise the vision and the structure to support you in making that a realisable possibility without disrupting existing business operations.

The development of a new business unit or spin out is not easy. Especially if its in an area outside the core expertise present in your business. At The Change we help businesses establish a plan that will recruit the right people at the right time to ensure your business success.

Incubators/ Startup Studios

The Change specialise in establishing Incubators for businesses to explore the use of AI, software, carbon reduction mechanisms and applications within life sciences.

This results in an extremely rapid and well planned innovation life cycle letting you understand whether your project will succeed or fail. During this process you and your team can have as much or as little input as you like:

Project definition
Project goal setting
Objective setting
Project reporting (Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly, Annually)

The Change have supported LCC Group a coal processing company in its exploration of the viability of producing isostatic graphite entering the electric vehicle materials market.

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