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Innovation Consultancy

At the core of our operations lies a commitment to innovation and innovative processes. We serve as a catalyst for transformation within your business, generating disruptive and groundbreaking ideas that make a meaningful impact on you, your customers, and the world at large.

The Change initiates support by assisting you in crafting and executing your innovation strategy, paving the way for positive and impactful change.

Tax Consultancy

We are a premier R&D tax advice provider in the UK & Europe, serving as a trusted advisor to numerous innovative businesses. We specialise in delivering strong R&D tax credit claims to guarantee that your business is duly rewarded for its investments in innovation.

Allow our experts to handle the intricacies of claim preparation, freeing up your team’s time and ensuring that your business receives the deserved funding. Experience the efficiency and expertise that set us apart in fostering innovation and securing financial recognition for your endeavours.

Innovation Audits

Unlock the full potential of your organization’s innovation landscape with our Innovation Audit Services. Our comprehensive evaluation is designed to provide a thorough examination of your innovation processes, strategies, and culture, empowering you to chart a course for sustained growth and competitive advantage.

Design Sprints

Embark on a transformative journey of rapid innovation with our Design Sprint Services. Our structured and collaborative approach is designed to condense months of work into a concentrated and dynamic three-day long workshop.

Funding Source Identification & Management

We uncover the resources for your visionary projects. Embark on your innovation journey with confidence, knowing that the financial support you need is within reach. Our Innovation Funding Source Identification Services are tailored to help you pinpoint and access the funding necessary to bring your groundbreaking projects to life.

Through our strategic partnerships, we’ve secured and overseen the management of around € 300 million in funding.

Fund Planning

Projects don’t just happen overnight. The old saying that if it’s worth doing it’s worth doing well is an important idea to consider when developing new projects, technologies and markets. Different funding is available for different stages and types of innovation and it’s important that you have The Change by your side to ensure your aware of the support that is or is not available based on your own commercial journey and context.

Special Project Conceptualisation

Unsure what your company does that is innovative or ahead of the curve? The Change innovation helps support you in identifying your projects in a managed and clear way that fits the Frascati approach to innovation assessment. This global framework can then be used to map out appropriate innovation funding for the level of research and development in your organisation.

Be Part Of The Change

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