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Innovation Specialists

We are an Innovation first and Accountancy second practice which helps our clients achieve larger claims than many of our accountancy led competitors.

This is our value add, we are technologists, innovators, founders, scientists and bring a technical approach to maximise your opportunity by helping you build an Innovation Strategy

We work with your accountants, not against them

Traditional R&D Tax Credit strategies fail to identify the massive opportunities available through innovation.

Through our Strategic Innovation Sprints, we unlock new opportunities and identify budgets from a variety of financial instruments and tax incentives. By working closely with your executive team and technical staff, we can extract the real value of innovation being carried out by your company.

All of this leaves an auditable trail that your accountants can follow and integrate into your wider tax strategy.

You’re just one step away from commencing our 6wk process to submitting a claim for up to 5M euro over the next 5yrs.**

Don’t leave money on the table, book in with one of our Innovation Specialists

Be Part Of The Change

For more information email: info@thechange.vc an agent of change will get back to you.

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