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Innovation Strategy

“The pursuit of novel solutions IS CORE to your strategy. Embarking on creative projects over the years will lead to effective disruption. The route is uncertain, however, through a systematic, repeatable approach, you will develop the drivers required to transform your company.” T.A. Cuthbert

Why innovate?

To Survive To Grow To Enter New Markets To Create New Markets

It is time to stay ahead through an Innovation Strategy.
The good news is, you’re probably already innovating – you just don’t know it yet.

But only a few have systems in place to ensure innovation is automatic.

Achieving and maintaining an industry-leading position, requires a long-term Innovation Strategy.

We exist to create one with you.

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An Innovation Strategy Includes:

Once we identify your core novelty, we work to help you identify and mitigate the inherent uncertainties developing a successful project. Deploying the systematic approaches required by the Frascati approach as applied by the FZulg legislation. We support you on an ongoing basis identifying new innovation and in deloying appropriate systems to monitor the process of identifying the repeatable and transferable points of value that both your staff and contractors bring to your business.

In Germany it’s not just the men in white coats, the scientists, who are considered innovative. FZulg includes social science too, so your innovative marketing and sales approaches can also be included. We will be by your side supporting you defining your long term economic goals, together identifying up to 5years of pre-qualified funding of up to €5M over the lifetime of your project(s) reducing the economic risk of investing in your future.

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