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How It Works

INNOVATION is turning your ideas into value.

In other words, to generate income from previously untapped avenues, that can be used to fund current and future projects.


The Frascati Handbook was first developed in 1963 to define the data on research and innovation activities for EU programmes in a methodologically comparable manner for statistical purposes. The manual has been updated regularly and now is a 450page guide.

The Research Allowance in Germany uses the Frascati guidelines to decide whether a research project is eligible for funding.

A full understanding of the Frascati Manual is crucial in correctly determining if your innovative work and projects are suitable for R&D tax incentives.

This is our value add, we are technologists, innovators, founders, scientists and bring a technical approach to maximise your opportunity by helping you build an Innovation Strategy.

Too many tax accountants try to apply Frascati and leave huge amounts of money on the table because they don’t understand that it’s not just the ‘men in white coats, the scientists’ who are the innovators in your company but it’s also those who systematise and develop the repeatability of the process who are crucial to the success of a project. Their time can be included in your claim too.

How We Identify Innovation

Frascati Manual

5 Proofs Of Innovation

All Above Must Apply To A Project For Qualification

The Process

Five stage process over 6wks, 1-3days of client’s time

Let’s work together

When working with The Change, we become an extended part of your team, bringing the latest in process, practice and an outside voice to help you achieve and maintain an industry-leading position.

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